Day 9

Today I taught in a school for teenagers with learning difficulties.  Thank you for each of these your children, each one precious, each one bearing your likeness.  Thank you for their laughter, their tears, their friendliness and their honesty. Thank you for this intersection of our lives.

Thank you for the encouragement of the scriptures. Thank you for the record of men and women who spoke and wrote as they were ‘carried along by the Spirit’. Thank you that you still speak through them to encourage, instruct and reveal, sometimes through a word, phrase or passage, and always through ‘deep calling to deep’.

Thank you for tiredness.  For the signal to slow down and rest. For the ebb and flow of energy in the cycle of day and night. For times when body and mind demand time out and the other must come into line.  Thank you too that my knowing you and being known by you does not depend on tiredness or alertness but on that oneness that is me in you and you in me.

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