I have called this blog ‘A Eucharist’ which simply means ‘A Thanksgiving’.

I don’t often have anything very clever or profound so say, and I find my thoughts are usually being expressed far more eloquently by others somewhere on the vastness that is cyberspace.  However if you want to read some of my musings you can go to my other blog An Unexpected Journey.

This blog is not that.  This is simply an offering.  An offering first to God, a deliberate recording of some of the things that I am thankful for. And an offering to you, with the prayer that it will in some way be a blessing.

But I know that it will also do me good.  For it is in being thankful that I know that I am most happy, that gratitude grounds me, destroys envy and jealousy, and brings a contentment to my soul.  Thankfulness opens my eyes to the reality of God in me, in my friends and family, in the sunshine, the wind and in every atom in the universe. The ancient poet said ‘enter his gates with thanksgiving’; in thanksgiving I realise he has crashed through my gates and entered into my world, my eyes are opened to a new reality and I find creeping upon me a joy unlike any other.

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