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Day 8

#22 Thank you for the generosity of friends.  For those who not only take an interest in my life and business but who make sacrifices to support and help me.  Today I have been particularly touched by the generosity of a friend. #23 Thank you for creativity.  For the ability to think, to plan, to […]

Day 7

#19 Thank you for the ability  to serve.  Today I had the opportunity to help a friend at a church event.  She wasn’t able to be there because she had to look after her grandson. So I helped at an event I don’t normally attend, with people I don’t know, and people were so friendly and appreciative. […]

Day 6

#16 Thank you for forgiveness. For a new start, for the past behind.  Freedom from guilt and shame.  I am not bound by my mistakes. You are my glory and the lifter of my head. #17 Thank you for learning.  The joy of discovery.  That moment when the penny drops, when the confused jumble of […]

Day 5

#13 Thank you for the opportunity today to pray with Christians from churches across Southport, to strengthen existing relationships and make new connections. Thank you that we are one people and have so much more in common than we can imagine. #14 Thank you for time spent with Peter, my eldest son and a great […]

Day 4

#10 Thank you for a new day. For new grace, new hope, new love. Thank you for the present, for now. That yesterday does not confine or define me. That today you are with me. This is the day that you have made; I will rejoice and be glad in it! #11 Thank you for […]

Day 3

#7 Thank you for friendship. For a commitment that perseveres. For honest, open-hearted conversation, a willingness to be vulnerable, to be misunderstood, to say ‘I’m sorry’.  For time and willingness to listen and to understand. #8 Thanks for corporate worship.  For joining of hearts and minds to declare together the goodness and greatness of God. […]

Day 2

#4 Thank you for sleep, time to restore and repair, rest for body and mind.  Every night for 47 years, at least some sleep.  Even through the years of hungry babies, of dirty nappies and warming bottles.  I learned the value of sleep then! #5 Thank you for my children.  Four precious ones who wake […]