Category thanksgiving

Day 15

#43 Thank you that I have finally sorted out my tax return! #44 Thank you for the wonderful clear blue sky today. #45 Thank you for the great music at the concert last night, and for the wonderful company that is Kim.

Day 14

#40 Thank you that I can be optimistic and hopeful because my confidence is in you and not in my circumstances. #41 Thank you for a good meeting with Danny last week and for the opportunity to develop business with him. #42 Thank you for great music which lifts the spirit and makes my heart […]

Day 13

#37 Thank you for a really positive day spent at a school in Dunstable on Monday, and for the work that has resulted. #38 Thank you for Neil and the opportunity to develop projects with him. #39 Thank you for your promise of provision. That I can still trust you even when I cannot see […]

Day 12

#34 Thank you that you are resting from your labours, that there is nothing left for me to do but to enjoy what you have accomplished. #35 Thank you for a great time with friends Chris and Cathie last Friday. #36 Thank you for family time spent together in Liverpool on Sunday.

Day 11

#31 Thank you for your perfect love, that always trusts, always hopes, always protects, never fails. #32 Thank you that you took upon yourself my orphan spirit and restored sonship to me. #33 Thank you for your rest. That you not only kept the Sabbath and fulfilled the Sabbath, but that you are my Sabbath […]

Day 10

#28 Thank you for this new day. That I am not condemned or constrained by my yesterdays. #29 Thank you that in you I died on your cross. I am no longer a slave to my old life but now live freely in the power of your resurrection. #30 Thank you that you took all […]

Day 9

#25 Today I taught in a school for teenagers with learning difficulties.  Thank you for each of these your children, each one precious, each one bearing your likeness.  Thank you for their laughter, their tears, their friendliness and their honesty. Thank you for this intersection of our lives. #26 Thank you for the encouragement of […]